Redmond Elementary PTSA Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes are an after school program that is offered by the PTSA as a way to provide additional enrichment for students. The PTSA offers scholarships for families in need so that students who might not have these opportunities can get them here at school. 

The program has three sessions each year. Each session has a planning phase, a registration phase, and a class phase.

We are looking to fill the slots of the Enrichment Team for 2018-2019.

Leader. Work with the team to implement each phase of each session and act as the primary contact between the team and the PTSA board. Learn of problems and work with the team to identify solutions. Act as the point of contract and track scholarship requests and assist scholarships with registration. Communicate with office staff. Facilitate paper forms for registration. Review policies and procedures and make adjustments as needed. The time commitment for this role depends on how strong your team is. If you have three solid people addressing the tasks identified below, you may be no more than an hour per week. 

Planning Lead. Eight weeks before class starts, determine how many classes to offer. Determine what weeks to offer classes. Select classes and get vendors under contract four weeks before classes start. Work with office staff to get teachers to volunteer classrooms four weeks before classes start. Advertise the program with a flyer and electronic notice and email to teachers, three weeks before classes start. The planning time commitment is probably 1-2 hours per class. Work with vendors to get their invoices turned in and paid.

Registration Lead. Build the registration page (either 6Crickets or Ourschoolpages, you decide) five weeks before classes start. That process probably takes up to an hour per class. Registration is a two step project. First is a lottery that collects contact information for families interested in specific classes. Once the 1 week lottery phase ends, notify randomly selected lottery winners that they may register for the class. Work diligently for 2 weeks to get the classes filled. The three weeks of the lottery and enrollment are busy, perhaps 1 hour per day.

Class Lead. Identify chaperones for each class. Confirm chaperones are PTSA members and LWSD volunteers. Communicate policies and procedures to chaperones. Produce rosters for class attendance and student tracking and place them into the class binders before the first day of class. Act as the primary point of contact, respond to emails when parents notify that students will miss class. Troubleshoot issues that chaperones face in the classroom. Send reminder email to student families about class policies. The prep work getting classes and chaperones setup is a few hours, and communications with chaperones probably average less than 5 minutes per day.


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General Information:

  • Each school year is divided into three sessions: Fall, Winter, and Spring.
  • Registration usually starts:

Fall Session - Soon after start of school
Winter Session - Shortly before winter break
Spring Session - Shortly before spring break

  • Class take place usually from:

Fall Session - October - December
Winter Session - January - March
Spring Session - April - June

  • Classes are typically 1 to 1.5 hours long after school.
  • Registration is preferred online, but paper forms are available in the office.
  • Due to high demand of classes, registration uses a lottery process, rather than first-come, first-served.
  • Scholarships are available for families in need. Contact your teacher or the enrichment classes coordinator before the registration deadline.
  • Late Registrations are generally not accepted.
  • Full list of rules governing Enrichment Classes: Policies and Procedures 
  • Enrichment Classes Coordinator email: