2019-2020 passport club test dates
  • September: Oct 3 and Oct 4
  • October : Oct 24 and Oct 25
  • November : Nov 21 and Nov 22
  • December : Dec 19 and Dec 20
  • January: Jan 23 and Jan 24
  • February: Feb 27 and Feb 28
  • March:  Mar 26 and Mar 27
  • April : Apr 30 and May 1
  • May : Jun 4 and Jun 5
For a link to study maps email: passportclub@redmondelptsa.org

Passport Club is a geography enrichment program. 
Students are issued a passport at the start of the school year. They have 5 levels to choose from, beginning with Level 1 (1st grade students start here), and going up to the “Geo Whiz” Level 5 (intended for 5th grade students). If they choose Level 1, students will learn 40 countries and the seven continents by the end of the school year. If they choose Level 5, they will learn all of the world’s countries plus 40 capital cities, the continents, oceans, seas, deserts, and mountain ranges. 
At the end of each month, students are checked by our PTSA volunteers and receive "stamps" in their passports from some of the countries they have learned. A student must pass each level in order before moving on to the next level during Passport Check. In other words, if a student chooses Level 5 on Check Day, she will first be tested on Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 and must pass each that day before she can be tested on Level 5 that day. Students get a new study map from their teacher with different countries for the next month and the process is repeated. 
"Special Itinerary", sometimes called "Level 6", is for 5th grade and other students who want to take on the challenge of learning all 50 U.S. states and their capital cities. Usually students must pass all 5 regular levels before they will be tested on that month's states or capitals (unless their teacher has made a special arrangement with the Passport Chairperson). Students who succeed in learning that month's special itinerary (U.S. states and capitals) may choose a special itinerary stamp to glue in to the back of their student passport in the designated area.

Need a replacement map? Please check with your child's teacher or with the school secretary in the main office. 

If you would like to help with Passport Club by volunteering once a month for few hours to quiz the students, or for questions passportclub@redmondelptsa.org.
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