Please check back later for 2017-18 dates.
Passport Club 2016-17 Check Dates:
Oct. 27 and 28
Nov. 17 and 18
Dec. 15 and 16
Jan. 19 and 20
Feb. 23 and 24
March 23 and 24
April 20 and 21
May 18 and 19
Passport Club is a geography enrichment program.
Students are issued a passport at the start of the school year. They have 5 levels to choose from, beginning with Level 1, and going up to the “Geo Whiz” Level 5. If they choose Level 1, students will learn 40 countries and the seven continents by the end of the school year. If they choose Level 5, they will learn all of the world’s countries plus 40 capital cities, the continents, oceans, seas, deserts, and mountain ranges.

At the end of each month, students are checked by our PTSA volunteers and receive "stamps" in their passports from some of the countries they have learned. They get a new study map from their teacher with different countries for the next month and the process is repeated.

Please check with your child's teacher for a replacement map.

If you would like to help with Passport Club by volunteering once a month for a few hours to quiz the students please contact