Redmond Elementary Enrichment Classes: Policies and Procedures



Enrichment Classes are offered on a per program basis. They are only held when school is in session for a full day. Please navigate to "Enrichment Classes" on the left-hand menu to determine class meeting times and days.


Registration is online through website. Please visit the site, sign in and create your child's profile. The vendors will directly post the classes they would like to offer on the site and you can sign up directly. There is no lottery system this Fall session as we found last year that there is plenty of space available. However, if demand for these classes change, we will make changes in Winter or Spring session.

For those unable to use the online registration system, paper copies for enrollment are available at the school front office. 


All payment s for the classes are made on the 6crickets site with a credit card. If parents would like to un-enroll their child BEFORE the first day of class, the vendor will refund the charge minus the credit card processing fee.

If you are unable to pay online via credit card, payment can be made with a check. However, additional steps must be taken to pay by check.

1. First, notify that you will not be able to use the online process.

2. A check must be written for the correct amount payable to "Redmond Elementary PTSA".

3. The check must be delivered with the completed Check Submission Form, along with your paper copy of the form and return the form to the Redmond El front office. The check must be received by the PTSA during the enrollment period. If the check is not received within the deadline for your child to attend class.

Some scholarships are available for students in need of financial assistance. Please reach out to us at Or inform the school that you wish to be considered for the scholarship.


  1. Parents that have children in Kindergarten-3rd Grade have two options:
    • Children can be signed out by parents immediately following the end of each class, outside the school, near the main office. 
    • Children who are enrolled in Boys and Girls Club will be sent to that program after class is over.
  2. Parents that have children in 4th-5th Grade have three options:
    • Children can be signed out by parents immediately following the end of each class, outside the school, near the main office.
    • Children who are enrolled in Boys and Girls Club will be sent to that program after class is over.
    • Children can be released from Enrichment Classes without signature. They must leave school grounds once released, in accordance with school policy. Please see next section titled "Release without Signature" policy for more information.
  3. Children will be released only to parents/guardians. If another adult is responsible for picking up your child, please send a note with your child to give to the class instructor and Chaperone.
  4. Please respect the commitments of our instructors and PTSA volunteers and arrive promptly for pick-up. If you are within 10 minutes late picking up your child you will be given a warning and the second time you are late your child will be removed from the program (no refund). If you are more than 15 minutes late picking up your child, your child will be removed from the program (no refund) immediately. We will also contact the Redmond Police to ensure safe care of your minor child.
  5. At the end of class, the class chaperone will gather the students and take them to the building entrance near the office. The chaperone will bring the students outside to be picked up and signed out. Adults picking up students will need to park their cars and come to meet the chaperone outside to sign for a student. They will not be allowed to enter the building. Students who have been approved to walk home without being signed out, will be released at that time. 
  6. If a parent is at pickup and makes a request to add additional pickup options, please update the roster, as appropriate. 


  1. Only children in 4th and 5th Grades are eligible to be released from Enrichment Classes without a parent signature. (Children in K-3rd Grades are not eligible for this option and must be signed-out by a parent/guardian or attend Boys and Girls Club.)
  2. Students in this program will be released after class without a parent/guardian signature. Students will not be provided supervision, but will be released outside the school near the main office and must then leave school grounds in accordance with school policy. The Office Staff will not be available to monitor the children.
  3. All students in this program will be held to the same behavior standards that apply during the school day, as set forth in the Behavior Handbook as they leave the building by themselves.
  4. Parents are required to sign a waiver of liability online during registration and will receive an email confirmation of said waiver. The "Release without signature" option is not valid if a parent does not sign this waiver.
  5. The waiver of liability releases Redmond Elementary PTSA and Redmond Elementary School from all liability relating to injuries and/or property damage that may occur after releasing a student without signature. By signing this waiver, you agree to hold Redmond Elementary PTSA and Redmond Elementary School entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries and/or property damage incurred following the end of Enrichment Classes, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence. You also acknowledge the risks involved in having your child(ren) released without signature after Enrichment Classes. These include but are not limited to walking home alone and crossing streets without crossing guards. You acknowledge that you and your child(ren) are participating voluntarily and that all risks are clear to you. By signing the waiver agreement you forfeit all rights to bring a suit against Redmond Elementary PTSA and Redmond Elementary School for any reason. In return, your 4th or 5th Grade student will be able to leave at the end of Enrichment Classes without being signed out by a parent/guardian.


  1. All students will be held to the same “classroom” behavior standards that apply during the school day, as set forth in the Behavior Handbook.
  2. It is our hope that any behavior issues can easily be resolved by parents working in cooperation with instructors.
  3. In the event that a behavior issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the parent/guardian may be required to withdraw their student from an after school enrichment class, without refund.


Refunds are based on when the cancellation is received. Cancellations received:

  • 2 days or less after last day of registration will receive a full refund.
  • 3 days or more after last day of registration, refunds are done at the discretion of the vendor at the vendors rate.
  • No refunds will be given after classes begin.
  • There are no refunds for missed classes. Snow days will be made up if possible.


An individual class may be cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Cancellations will be brought to the attention of all participants as soon as possible and a make-up class will be arranged as appropriate. 


A program may be cancelled in its entirety due to lack of enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. In this case, a full refund will be granted to all participants. Parent who are PTSA members and cleared by the LWSD volunteer system can be chaperones. We will have to cancel classes if no parent volunteers are found to be a chaperone


The Redmond Elementary PTSA programs accept non-Redmond Elementary students who reside within the Redmond Elementary attendance area (as determined by the Lake Washington School District) and are eligible to attend Redmond Elementary, but are either home-schooled or attend other area schools.  Eligible children may participate on a space-available basis.  In the event of over-enrollment, students enrolled at Redmond Elementary will be given first priority for slots, followed by students in the attendance area who are home-schooled. Any remaining slots may be filled by other children in the community.  

Redmond Elementary PTSA reserves the right to remove non-Redmond Elementary students from after school Enrichment Classes if a Redmond Elementary student would otherwise be placed on a waiting list.

Non-Redmond Elementary students are subject to the same requirements and fees as those students who attend Redmond Elementary. Parents of Non-Redmond Elementary students are subject to the same Chaperone requirements as those parents of those students who attend Redmond Elementary. 


Our PTSA insurance policy states that in order to run our programs, at least one PTSA member who is approved by the school district to volunteer (chaperone), must be present in each class. By signing up for an enrichment class you are also agreeing to provide a chaperone for at least one class during the session, or you can choose to become a Permanent Chaperone - see the details below. Classes without Chaperone Volunteers will be cancelled.

Parent Chaperones must:
- Be at least 18 years old;
- Be or become a Redmond El PTSA member for the current school year. A paper form is available in the school office.
- Be or become LWSD background-check approved. A paper form is available in the school office.

Permanent Chaperone
If you are able to chaperone all weeks of your child's class, we will be offering that family free tuition for one student in that class and preference in the lottery. If you are interested in being a Permanent Chaperone please email us at, during the class lottery sign-up period. Per our insurance policy, it is required that all Permanent Chaperones are paid membership of Redmond El PTSA. 

It is the PTSA’s responsibility to ensure that each of our members adhere to these policies in order to protect our students, our PTSA and our After School Programs.


  1. It is mandatory to have at least one Chaperone, who is a PTSA member, approved by the Lake Washington School District, to be present in each class. This means Chaperone must pay for membership to join Redmond El PTSA.
  2. Each chaperone must be cleared by the Lake Washington School District in order to volunteer in any after-school program. You can pick up a volunteer application from the front office or go online to LWSD Volunteer Application. It generally takes two weeks for approval. Please make sure you give yourself time to be cleared before you are scheduled to chaperone.
  3. Chaperones are accountable for their scheduled day/days to chaperone. It is their responsibility to find a district approved chaperone to cover for you if you cannot make your scheduled day(s). If the chaperone is not present, the class will have to be cancelled without refunds.
  4. Chaperones must be 18. Siblings are allowed provided that they do not disrupt the class. You may bring a book, a laptop or no-noise toys to entertain them.
  5. Please do not use any school/classroom property. This includes netbooks, physical books, stationery, toys, project work, displays.
  6. Each week, instructors are required to have a printed copy of their roster and emergency contact information for each student. The Chaperone will be present each week to assist with taking attendance and helping children use the restroom. They are not there to assist with teaching.
  7. For any student(s) not present in class without prior notification of absence, the Chaperone will first check with the office if the child was absent for the day. If he/she was in attendance during the school day, the Chaperone will contact the parent or confirm student status.
  8. Chaperones must remain with students until all students have been signed out by a parent/guardian at the main office, escorted back to the on-site Boys and Girls Club for aftercare, or released without signature (4th and 5th graders only).
  9. The Office Staff will not be available to monitor the children or assist with the class.
  10. Building rules are still in effect after hours (no running in the halls, etc). Appropriate classroom behaviors are expected even after school. Please bring any behavior problems to the attention of the instructor and the PTSA.
  11. At the end of class, the class chaperone will gather the students and take them to the building entrance near the office. The chaperone will bring the students outside to be picked up and signed out. Adults picking up students will need to park their cars and come to meet the chaperone outside to sign for a student. They will not be allowed to enter the building. Students who have been approved to walk home without being signed out, will be released at that time. Please ensure that students are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions for the day, while they wait to be picked up.
  12. If parents request adjustments to parent pickup, such as adding an additional adult for pickup or for approving release without signature (4/5 only), please make a note of it on the roster.


Instructors must complete LWSD Volunteer Application (unless completed within the last two years).

Vendors must submit completed W-9 Form, City of Redmond business license, and insurance certificate.


  • A PTSA chaperone is required at each class. To encourage a student's family to come forward to provide a permanent chaperone, PTSA requires the vendor to waive the tuition fee for one student who provides a permanent chaperone for all weeks of an enrichment class during the session. If a PTSA chaperone is not in attendance, due to emergency, class will be cancelled that day.
  • Instructors must bring the roster that is provided by the Enrichment Coordinator to each class and record attendance. The chaperone can assist, with this, and will bring the class binder for this purpose each week. The emergency contact numbers for each student are listed on the roster.
  • After class, students should be escorted to the foyer outside the main office. They will be brought outside for pick-up or to walk home as indicated on the roster. For those enrolled in the onsite Boys & Girls Club program, they should be taken to the cafeteria and checked in with the person on duty.
  • Instructors must supervise the students in the class at all times. Children should get drinks and use the restroom before class begins, and trips to do so during class should be discouraged. Children should not be roaming the hallways unnecessarily. The PTSA Chaperone should accompany any children that need to leave the classroom. The instructor should remain in the classroom with other students.
  • Classes with more than twenty students should have at least two instructors present. Instructors are responsible for the safety of their students.
  • Please contact the janitor, Song Phan, if you notice a problem within the building. There are phones in each classroom, or the main phone number for the school is 425 936-2660.
  • Instructors must remain with the class until all students have been picked-up (for after-school programs). There should be an expected built-in grace period of 5-10 minutes for parents to pick up students after class. If the class ends at 4:40, instructors must expect to stay until 4:50. If a parent is consistently late (over 10 minutes two or more times), please notify the Enrichment Coordinator.

Use of Space

  • Instructors should not plan on having access to the classroom for setup until 3:30 (2:00 on Wednesdays). Instructors are not to enter the classroom while it is being used by students and teachers.
  • Classrooms should be left as they were found: tables, desks and chairs should be replaced and messes cleaned up.
  • All supplies and materials found in Redmond Elementary, including, but not limited to paper, pencils, scissors, paints, markers, toys, musical instruments and books may NOT be used by the instructor or students in your class. You are responsible for replacing any materials and supplies that are missing as a result of your class.
  • Snacks should be consumed prior to class with any mess cleaned up and trash disposed of properly.

Class Cancellations and Changes

  • Instructors are responsible for communicating with the parents of the students enrolled in the class. In the event that a class must be cancelled, this should be communicated to parents via written notice, email or phone calls. If it is a last minute cancellation, we ask that you or an instructor make every attempt to talk to a parent by phone rather than email or voice message to ensure the information was received.
  • Instructors must advise the Enrichment Coordinator of the cancellation by noon the day of the class for after-school programs or by noon the day before the class for morning programs.
  • Enrichment classes will not be held on days with early dismissal, if there is no school scheduled, or if school is cancelled or released early due to weather.
  • If the PTSA chaperone fails to show for class, the class must be cancelled and parents contacted.
  • Classes that are cancelled and not rescheduled must be refunded unless due to chaperone no-show.


  • Invoice the PTSA for any outstanding balance the first week of class. Allow two weeks to process payment.


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