Passport Club

2021-2022 Passport Club Test Dates:

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Program Overview

Thanks for your interest in Passport club. We have a Distance learning program available for this year. This Distance learning is new to all of us so please go through the following details about the program.

The Passport Club program is run by PTSA, to test Red El students on their Geography knowledge. This is an optional program so it's not graded. The program builds on itself for each school year so that students can study about other countries.

Students have 5 levels to choose from, beginning with Level 1, and going up to the “Geo Whiz” Level 5. 1st graders study and are quizzed on level 1(about 5 countries)2nd grader are quizzed on level 1 to 2 . Similarly 5th graders study and are quizzed on level 1 to 5 (about 20 countries in a month). 2\3 and 4\5 Quest students get quizzed on level 1 to 5.

If they choose Level 1, students will learn 40 countries and the seven continents by the end of the school year. If they choose Level 5, they will learn all of the world’s countries.


Maps are available online, link for maps is below:  (go down to Monthly Maps)

We also have a Virtual Classroom, students can access activities that introduce the countries they will be studying each month. Students can also click on links for enrichment and independent study, including videos and book recommendations related to the countries of the month.

This is the link (scroll down click on stamps )
After clicking on Stamp you are in the Virtual classroom. For Map click on the top left corner map,
It's a map coloring guide ,if students can take print out of the map, then they can follow these steps or just study with a colorful map.

On Test Week

Once a month, Sept-May, we are going to put 5 different test links for every level on Sunday in the Hawkflash .
Students can take the test in the following week after school hours please till Saturday. Student can take the test according to their grade or can take higher level test It totally depends how much they can learn.

A student must pass each level in order to move on to the next level. In other words, if a student chooses Level 5, He/she will first be tested on Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 before He/she can be tested on Level 5.
Students take a quiz and get points for every question answered ,at the end of the test students will be scored automatically and will receive instant feedback.

Students get a new study map every month with different countries for the next month and the process is repeated.

If you have any question or you want Password to study maps Please email:

Click to learn more about the program