The Redmond El. PTSA sponsors several programs for students who want to participate in math-related events throughout the year. The objective of these programs is to increase student interest in math and provide opportunities for Redmond El students to pursue math outside the classroom.


Math challenges are a series of stimulating and interesting Math questions that student can do for fun. For new challenges CHECK HERE. There are 15 challenges throughout the year. HawkFlash newsletter will announce when the next Math Challenge is available and the due dates for the answers and give shout-outs to students solving most problems at their grade! Here's two things you can do to stay on current:

  • Download rocket calendar it here. Print it and have fun tracking your work!
  • Access our public Calendar here (ical link here) to get notified on new Math Challenge posts and due dates.

For questions email


Come and experience the marvelous Math Night in the fall. This is an annual school-wide event where you can try various hands-on math problems and activities. The kids will experience various stations organized around the theme for the year. They will ponder problems like: Why clocks are round?, Why do we need Zero?, Who invented Calendars?, Geometry, Why place value?, Who invented Operations signs?
Every station had activities catering to different skill level so every kid had the sense of success in completing a challenge. 

The reason for the event's success is the huge turnout of volunteers! If you wish to volunteer, then please reach out to




Math Kangaroo is a nationwide and worldwide competition. To find a local center please go to Math Kangaroo in USA - Registration.



Please do NOT register directly on the MIC website as the school has to register ALL teams together for each grade. 

Registration will be done on first come first basis. Cost for registration is $50 per team. Maximum teams per grade is 8.

Parents are responsible for transporting their child/team to and from the competitions. The regional test will be held in Seattle region (will get to know exact location soon). The team qualifying the Regionals will advance to Masters (to be held in Moses Lake).

Please note that the "TEAM" qualifying for Masters will have students chosen from all teams from Redmond Elementary based on their performance aggregated at Regional level (basically top scorers will form a new TEAM for masters level). 

Math is Cool is a statewide competition for grades 4-12 comprised of regional and state-level events. Top qualifiers at the regional level receive invitations to compete at Masters, which takes place at Moses Lake High School in May.

Different phases make up the Math is Cool competition. Students compete both individually and as part of four-person units. A typical event at the fourth-to-sixth grade level has written tests, a mental math portion, team relays and finally a college (quiz) bowl.

For more information please see-

For Math is Cool, grade 4 & 5 parent volunteers are needed to help coordinate registration and logistics.


Grade 5 students can also compete in Washington State Math Championships or Knights of Pi Math Tournament

Please note, WA State Math Championship is held in Blaine near Vancouver border. Parents are responsible for transporting their child/team to and from the competition. 

MATH CONTESTS not hosted by Red. El PTSA

Several other math and coding contests are available locally, and we are often asked about them, so we will update this section as resources for finding these become known to us:

Archimedes School of Math & Programming

Ellipsis Academy