Redmond Elementary School Green Team

Mission statement: Our mission as Redmond elementary school's green team is to inspire and empower our school community to live more sustainably and protect our planet. We aim to promote eco-conscious habits and behaviors, reduce waste and energy consumption, and create a healthier and cleaner environment for ourselves and future generations. Through education, advocacy, and action, we strive to create a culture of sustainability that celebrates and preserves the natural world around us. 

What are we upto? 

Last school year, our student team received recognition from King County's Green School (KCGS). You can find more information about the program on the KCGS website

This year we are trying to achieve level one Green School certification through King County's Green School program by increasing our recycling rate & reducing the amount of waste that we generate at school.  

Students interested to be part of the Green team need to fill out the application form

How can you help? 

  • Consider joining lunch-monitoring programs. 
  • Are you good in writing and identifying grants? Email for more information. 
  • Microsoft employees to donate via the Microsoft Give program to get their donations matched. 


Upcoming Events: 

Green Team meeting: Next meeting will be held on March 15th

BookSwap Event: Currently accepting donations of gently used books (K-5th grade appropriate) for our annual end of the school year BookSwap event. Donation bins are located by the front office. 

Student volunteer for Lunch monitoring: We are looking for student lunch-monitoring volunteers. Lunch monitors help the school recycle, and compost correctly after lunch. Keeping our recycle bins contamination free will help us achieve the Green School Level one recognition. 

Student led presentation for classrooms: We are seeking out students who are interested in giving presentations to other classrooms on the following topics:  a) Why do we recycle and how to recycle correctly? b) Common myths around recycling and composting. c) What goes into a compost bin and its benefits. d) Any recycling project of your choice 


Past Events: 

Fall 2023 

  • Lunch monitoring: Parent volunteers participated in Lunch monitoring program to keep our compost and recycling bins contamination free.

  • Visual posters: Our students have created visual posters as We are trying to educate our school community how to recycle and compost correctly. We used commonly found trash, recycled materials, and pictures of compostable waste found in school lunch, to make colorful and creative posters.
  • Grow towers: In our December Green Team meeting, we learned about aeroponic gardening and grow towers. Grow towers are a great option when you have limited garden space. We also voted for what kind of produce we want to plant. Watermelon, lettuce, spinach, cilantro, mint, and cherry tomatoes were some of the winners. We will have a salad party as the end-of-school year celebration in June.
  • SchoolPool program: 171 students participated in the city of Redmond's SchoolPool program by walking, biking, and carpooling to the school. Your participation generated funds for the PTSA.

Spring 2023 

  • Earth Day celebration: Our students participated in campus cleanup. 

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