Mission statement: Our mission as the garden team of Redmond Elementary is to cultivate a love of gardening and nature in our school community. We aim to create a sustainable, organic garden that provides hands-on learning opportunities for students and inspires healthy eating habits. Through teamwork, education, and stewardship, we will maintain a vibrant and diverse garden that nourishes both our bodies and minds. Our goal is to foster a deeper connection to the natural world and empower students to be active participants in creating a greener, healthier future for our planet.

Spring 2023: We welcome friends and family to help our garden grow.  Students have been super excited to plant our pollinator garden during recess time. Smelling herbs has been a treat for students.  Would you like to share in the joy?

Please consider donating several days in a row to water our four small raised beds.  The time commitment would be less than two hours in the morning or late afternoon. The water will be brought to you; it is a matter of hooking up a pump and turning on the hose.  

To volunteer: please contact Jennifer
We ask that volunteers sign up as volunteers at the district level.  After that, we will meet on-site for one-on-one training. 

Unfortunately, we do not have approval at the district level to grow vegetables. However, if you have herbs or flowers you have grown from seed, we have space within our summer garden and would gladly welcome them!  

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