IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer the Spelling Bee program this year 
because we could not get any volunteers for the job.
Maybe YOU could save the Spelling Bee? You would be well supported by PTSA and be doing an AWESOME thing for the Redmond El community. Please contact us for more details on what is involved!



What is Spelling Bee? 

Spelling Bee is a great way to strengthen command of the English language, learn new words and concepts, and build comprehension skills. It is also a great way to learn how to stand up in front of peers and compete in a friendly way.

Redmond Elementary PTSA has enrolled the school into the Scripps National Spelling Bee Program. It is one of the nation’s oldest spelling competitions which helps students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage of a wide range of words.

Registration open to all students from Grades 1 through 5.

  • Written Round:
    • Because of the remote learning situation, we are planning to have an online written round using the tool provided by Scripps themselves as the preliminary round.
    • It will be a timed event with 30 questions, with Part 1 as 10 spellings to type & Part 2 as 20 multiple choice format vocabulary type questions.
    • You will need to register to an online testing platform as a parent to have your student participate. You will receive more information by email after you register. Please go to How to Register section to register your student.
    • Selected students will go to the next round which will be the Oral round.
    • Attend the Parent orientation to answer any questions you have or email the Spelling Bee team of Redmond Elementary PTSA.
    • Rules / Format will be emailed to registered parents before the written round.
  • Oral Round:
    • It will also be held virtually over web. We will be using Zoom or Teams like web tools. Rules/Format will be emailed before the oral round for the selected students only.
    • School champion, runner up and grade level champions will be selected after the oral round.
    • All participants will receive a participation certificate.
    • School winner will be sent to ‘Regionals’ conducted by Scripps National Spelling Bee as per their policies during this social distancing period.

How to Register?

  • There are no fees but we welcome your support in form of donations to Redmond Elementary PTSA.
  • Requirements: Access to Laptop , Internet Access , Basic typing skills
  • Please register here to participate!
  • Once registered, wait for the email from Spelling Bee team with word lists, consent form for participating online & also information to register to the online testing platform. 
  • Don't miss the next step to provide the consent form & register for the online testing platform.

Next Steps After registration: 

  • After the enrollment, the students will receive a word list to practice.
  • There will be a total of 450 words. 
  • Help your student prepare the spelling and meaning from this word list.
  • There will be another list that has 4000+ words from “Words of the Champions” PDF. This is recommended as a starting point for regional level.
  • You will also be receiving Scripps’s recommended book names (not the actual books) which you can use as an optional enrichment to improve your student’s vocabulary. Those books may be available in your local library.
  • Please use to hear the pronunciation of each and every word. It also has details about the origin of the word, examples, alternate pronunciation and meaning.
  • You will receive links to register for the online testing platform for the written round. Please don't forget to register! 
  • Registering and getting the word list isn't enough! --> Please don't forget to register for the online testing tool of Scripps and the consent form to allow your child to be monitored over web during the written round/oral round.



Q. What is SpellingBee? How do I participate?

A. The SpellingBee in Redmond Elementary is a PTSA initiative at school level. The SpellingBee competition is Bee format conducted based on the Scripps Spelling Bee.

Q. How do I register my child?

A. Please complete and submit the registration form that is found on the PTSA website before the mentioned deadline and follow the next steps sent in the email after registration.

Q. Our family is out of town for the written round preliminary / final round for the school level spelling bee, can we retake?

A. We cannot provide another date for any reason as it is a competition measured against other participants. If you have concerns email us, we can discuss options.

Q. How should my child prepare?

A. We will provide the word list and recommended books to read to prepare at home recommended by the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Please use that to prepare at home.

Q. I didn't get my wordlist after registering? Why?

A. We the Spelling Bee co-chairs are working to send the list by Friday 6PM every week for all the registered parents of that week, if you don't receive it by the week's Friday 6PM email the spelling bee team.


Volunteers are needed urgently if this Program is to continue in Redmond Elementary! 

Please contact the PTA if you're interested in volunteering.