Are you new to Redmond El, Washington or the United States? Redmond El PTSA volunteers are ready to answer your questions in your language! Simply send an email to your language group and someone will respond.

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Did you know that Redmond Elementary is one of the most culturally-diverse elementary schools in the district, with many students having more than one cultural background? Collectively, Redmond El students and families speak 41 languages besides English! 

With this diversity comes a unique need for community support – and the Redmond El PTSA is proud to introduce the Community Language Liaison Program to accompany other support programs already available in our community. Simply put, here is how it will work: we need parents that speak languages other than English to sign up and become a resource for parents who also speak that language. The language groups will communicate via emails and Facebook groups to welcome newcomers, answer questions about school and community events, share information about cool cultural events, recommend good local restaurants, and much more!

We want to keep this program as inclusive as possible - Anyone can sign up to be a member in any language group. If you are interested, send an email to Please indicate if you are interested in becoming a lead (moderator) for your language community.

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