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Math Is Cool Masters Results – May 4, 2022

Student Name Grade Test Division Total Marks Place
Arjun Nathani 4 I 90  
Roger Kou 4 I 79  
Shreya Bhaskara 4 I 52  
Lily Chen 4 I 36  
Ritisha Srivastava 5 I 98 1
Ayush Khandelwal 5 I 85  
Neel Borate 5 I 83  
Riddhesh Jaini 5 I 74  




MCT 2021 Results

Student Name Grade Test Level Test Division Prize
Shree Sriram 2 2 I Backpack and Medal
Vibha Raghav 2 2 I Backpack and Medal
Dhruv Shankar 2 2 I Medal
Ved Anush Reddy Arikatla 3 3 II Medal
Arjun Nathani 4 4 I Medal
Ritisha Srivastava 5 5 I Medal
Tianyue He 5 5 II Medal



Math Challenge 15 is now available at following link!
Math Challenge


Math Challenge 

Better late than never!!!  We have figured out a way to get the submissions of the Math Challenge Program and how to make it online! Redmond Elementary are you on for the challenge?

General Information –

  • Math Challenge is free and no-sign up is necessary.
  • All students K to Grade 5 are invited to participate.
  • There will be 15 challenges throughout the school year. 
  • Refer to the Schedule Calendar for dates on when the challenges and their solutions will be available on this webpage.
  • To qualify the student must have the required number of correct solutions for their grade level.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete extra problems above their grade level requirement if they would like to qualify for periodic or end of year prizes!

Steps to Participate:

Step 1: Go to - Math Challenge # 15

Step 2: Download current math challenge questions from the link in the form or here.

Step 3: Please use the parent's email in the form.

Step 4: Enter your answers against matching question numbers.

Step 5: Submit

Your parents will receive the score via email on the date per the math challenge calendar. 


Math is Cool

Math is Cool is a statewide competition for grades 4-12 composed of regional and state-level events. Top qualifiers at the regional level receive invitations to compete at Masters. A typical event at the fourth-to-sixth grade level has written tests, a mental math portion, team relays and finally a college (quiz) bowl.

Deadline to register - February 1st

Please do NOT register directly on the MIC website as the school has to register ALL teams together for each grade.

Please make teams of 4. Grade 4 students will make groups with Grade 4 students only. Grade 5 students will make groups with Grade 5 only.

Competition Dates:

4th grade - March 30
5th grade - March 23


Register your team here:

If you don't have a team you can add your students name and under the section - looking for a team.