Redmond Elementary PTSA is 100% parent volunteer run. We organize and sponsor many enrichment activities and events to extend learning within and beyond the classroom. Then we fund-raise to get the money to pay for them!

We are always looking for more volunteers to help out; please check Volunteer page if you would like to participate. No previous experience necessary. 



  • Kangaroo Math
  • Math is Cool 
  • WA State Math Championship
  • Math Night









In addition, PTSA volunteers run school picture days, work with a vendor to create a year book, maintain emergency supplies in case kids get stranded at the school (does anyone remember a snowstorm many years ago when some kids had to spend the night at the school??), order and distribute spirit wear shirts, run the beloved Popcorn Fridays, and make sure our students have enough to eat through the Hawks vs Hunger program.


Nature Vision

Nature Vision is an environmental education nonprofit organization that comes to Redmond El to give students hands-on education in the natural world around us! 
We work to ensure that all students receive quality nature connections and scientific concepts, thus developing a deep-rooted student interest in making the natural world a necessary and integrated part of daily life. PTSA financially facilitate for 1 program per classroom. 

For more information on Nature Vision, please refer: 

Stem For Fun

Spark an interest in STEM that would impact your child's future career choices! The program provides FREE workshops run by teens from Tesla STEM High School in Redmond to introduce students to the world of science, engineering and technology with fun, interactive, hands-on experiences and science games.

We are looking for a volunteer to get this program started at Redmond El! Please email if you are interested.  

Lego Engineering

"915 million ways to combine six LEGO® bricks!" Yes, that's what the Lego group claims. Research into the fields of play and learning has always been an important LEGO activity – combined with creativity. 

We promote this by an education model, where students attend engineering programs outside of the school day, starting in kindergarten. Lego Engineering is a 90 minute session where a instructor will show them a LEGO project, discuss the engineering properties and show them how it works and how it's built with kids. 
For more info, please check: 

We are looking for a volunteer to get this program started at Redmond El! If you are interested, please email at 

Science Fair

The Science Fair brings everyone together to share their love for science. 
Students create a poster board of their science projects and discuss it with other students, event staff and parents. It is a great way for kids to practice speaking in front of small crowds and learn about science. Fair preparation happens at home the main event happens at the school after hours. 
Volunteers will assist in ticket collection, setup/take down and will hand out participation ribbons after having a chance to hear about the student's project. 

Donuts with Dads/Muffins with Moms/Pastries with Parents

Program sponsored by the PTSA and our school librarian - Join us for monthly breakfast treats and books in the Library.  

Accelerated Reader Parties

We organize parties to celebrate students achieving their AR program goals. Reading comprehension goals are set by teachers with each individual student. PTSA also helps the school librarian pay for access to the AR reading comprehension tests that students take in the classroom. 

Used Books Fair

At the used book fair PTSA collects funds for the school's library by selling used books donated by students and the school community. Donated items include books, magazines, puzzles, gently used toys and games, CDs, DVDs, and gently used Redmond El spiritwear. Books include lots of children's titles (both fiction and nonfiction), adult fiction/nonfiction, DIY, parenting, hobby/craft, cookbooks, study help, coloring and more. 
The best part of the used book fair is that everybody benefits from it: families donate items they no longer need and give for a good cause, and the students bring in their parents and families to purchase books and benefit the library. It is very rewarding to see kids excited for books and reading them! Each Redmond El student receives 1 or 2 books free of charge when they come to the fair with their classroom. We open the book fair to the wider Redmond community later in the week. 

Art of Discovery

The Art of Discovery Project is developed and presented by the Junior League of Seattle in collaboration with the Bellevue Arts Museum, and brings arts learning directly to the classroom through traveling art exhibits and training for educators and PTSA docents. Participants are equipped with inquiry-based lesson plans and activities to support multi-dimensional arts learning. Trained educators and docents then return to their schools to teach in the presence of the original artwork. Through informal and intimate discussion of thematically organized exhibits in the school setting, students learn critical thinking and communication skills. This unique and innovative program enables students and teachers to experience an art museum in their own school setting. 

Passport Club

Program Overview

Thanks for your interest in Passport club. We have a Distance learning program available for this year. This Distance learning is new to all of us so please go through the following details about the program.

The Passport Club program is run by PTSA , to test Red El students on their Geography knowledge. This is an optional program so it's not graded. The program builds on itself for each school year so that students can study about other countries.

Students have 5 levels to choose from, beginning with Level 1, and going up to the “Geo Whiz” Level 5. 1st graders study and are quizzed on level 1(about 5 countries)2nd grader are quizzed on level 1 to 2 . Similarly 5th graders study and are quizzed on level 1 to 5 (about 20 countries in a month). 2\3 and 4\5 Quest students get quizzed on level 1 to 5.

If they choose Level 1, students will learn 40 countries and the seven continents by the end of the school year. If they choose Level 5, they will learn all of the world’s countries.


Maps are available online, link for maps is below:  (go down to Monthly Maps)

We also have a Virtual Classroom, students can access activities that introduce the countries they will be studying each month. Students can also click on links for enrichment and independent study, including videos and book recommendations related to the countries of the month.

This is the link (scroll down click on stamps )
After clicking on Stamp you are in the Virtual classroom. For Map click on the top left corner map,
It's a map coloring guide ,if students can take print out of the map, then they can follow these steps or just study with a colorful map.

On Test Week

Once a month, Sept-May, we are going to put 5 different test links for every level on Sunday in the Hawkflash .
Students can take the test in the following week after school hours please till Saturday. Student can take the test according to their grade or can take higher level test It totally depends how much they can learn.

A student must pass each level in order to move on to the next level. In other words, if a student chooses Level 5, He/she will first be tested on Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 before He/she can be tested on Level 5.
Students take a quiz and get points for every question answered ,at the end of the test students will be scored automatically and will receive instant feedback.

Students get a new study map every month with different countries for the next month and the process is repeated.

If you have any question or you want Password to study maps Please email:

Click to learn more about the program

Girls on the Run - needs a volunteer to start!

“Girls on the Run of Puget Sound” (GOTRPS) is a non-profit organization that operates as an after-school character-development program for 3rd-5th grades. Their mission is to use the power of running to educate and prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living, both physically and emotionally. 

Participants explore and discuss their own beliefs around experiences and challenges girls face at this age. At the end of each three-months session, the girls participate in a “Girls on the Run” 5K event. This celebratory, non-competitive event is the culminating experience of the curriculum. 

Completing the 5K gives the girls a tangible understanding of the confidence that comes through accomplishment as well as a framework for setting and achieve goals. 

For more information, please refer: 

After School Hoops - needs a volunteer to start!

After School Hoops (ASH), is not a typical "roll out the ball and let them play" activity. Three things to know about this program are: 
• the kids will sweat 
• they will learn and grow (athletically and socially) 
• they will have fun! 
ASH coach's divide the students into stations to work on specific basketball fundamentals - using organized drills that incorporate passing, shooting, dribbling, rebounding and defense - then each class ends with a 30-minute scrimmage so the kids can immediately apply what they've learned. For more information, please refer: 

We are looking for a volunteer to get this program started at Redmond El! If you are interested, please email 

Water Safety

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) drownings are a leading cause of injury death for young children ages 1 to 14, and three children die every day as a result of drowning. CDC recommends that everyone should know the basics of swimming (floating, moving through the water) and other water safety skills. 
Redmond El PTSA's Third Grade Water Safety program addresses this concern with a 1 week, 4 class program at WAVE Aquatics Redmond Pool that takes place during the school day. Third grade teachers provide more information to parents as the program time nears.

Egg Drop needs a volunteer!

Messy Fun with Science! The Redmond Fire Department drives the extension ladder onto the Redmond El recess blacktop and drops packages designed by students to protect a single fresh egg cradled inside. Will the egg break on impact?   Edit the details of this program

Field Day

PTSA encourages physical fitness in a day of friendly, outdoor competition in June.

International Night

“We are the world, we are the children….” 
Last year, Redmond Elementary had students from 41 different mother-tongue. This gives a wonderful opportunity to share, learn and enjoy which is the essence of each and every culture. 
This gives us an opportunity to celebrate International Night, where cultures of different countries are showcased by kids and volunteers through dance, food taste, outfits, music and many more...  

Movie Nights

Bring the whole family for a family-friendly movie in the Redmond El commons! Entrance is free but reservations are required. You can pre-purchase a Family Meal Deal (pizza, popcorn, water bottle) or buy food there while supplies last. PTSA volunteers run 2 Movie Nights per school year.

Ice Cream Social

Back to school get together for Redmond El families. Teachers serve up the ice cream!

Winter Dance

An evening of music, fun and dancing! 

Vision and Hearing Screening

PTSA volunteers are trained on-site to provide a once a year basic vision and hearing screening of all Redmond El students. The school nurse is on-site for any necessary follow-ups, then parents are notified if further testing outside of school is indicated. 

Fifth Grade Celebration

Fifth grade teachers coordinate with parents to celebrate the achievements of our 5th grade students before they move on to middle school. PTSA pays expenses.


Staff Appreciation Days

Teachers, staff and administrators are a big part of what makes Redmond El so wonderful! Help PTSA thank the staff with special events throughout the year like Baked Potato Bar and Coffee Cart. Contact .

Hawks vs Hunger

Hawks vs Hunger team coordinates with school staff to make sure kids in need have extra non-perishable food on weekends. We distribute Pantry Packs (provided via Lake WA Schools Foundation and Hopelink) and need volunteers to pick up packs once a month and unload at the school, as well as occasional holiday or special projects. To volunteer or learn more about our needs, please contact   

Popcorn Friday

Popcorn is fun! Students pay 25¢ or 3 Box Tops for a bag of popcorn during lunch recess. Occurs on select Fridays throughout the year. Parent volunteers pop the corn and sell to students. Great way to visit your student during the school day!

Emergency Preparedness

PTSA chair works with the school Principal/Staff to monitor the inventory of emergency supplies and can help the school pay for emergency supplies and equipment.

Spirit Wear

We sell high quality t-shirts and sweatshirts with our school colors and logo. Parents can purchase these items at the beginning of the school year and kids can wear them on spirit days.


The Yearbook includes color photos of individual students arranged by classroom as well as the many events and programs sponsored by the PTSA throughout the year. The book is sold to students and families only. We need several photographers to help supply the photos and a few volunteers to help with layout.

Orders can be placed HERE